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What Sparked Jennifer Aniston’s Tears at Giffoni Film Festival

What Sparked Jennifer Aniston’s Tears at Giffoni Film Festival

Over the weekend, Jennifer Aniston broke down in tears while opening up about her past heartbreaks at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy.

Jennifer’s waterworks were triggered when a fan asked if she ever woke up in the morning and had no idea who she was. She responded, "There are not enough fingers and toes in this entire room to count how many times that moment has happened to me.” Watch!

Aniston went on, "We're all human beings at the end of the day, whether we're a waitress or a baker or a student or whatever we are. At the end of the day, you kind of can hit walls and think, 'I can't go any farther.’ Or, 'This is too much. My heart can't take it,’ or, ‘The pain is too great,’ or, ‘Am I good enough? Will I survive?'”

She added, "And you just have to sort of somehow miraculously overcome. You just go, ‘I can't, yes I can, yes you can.’"

Jennifer was on hand to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award at the festival dedicated to children and teens. She also encouraged young ones to take breaks from their social media accounts and phones, saying, “I think we need to empower women to not just be about dresses and beauty and selfies. We need to start having conversations and put our phones down and get out of social media, take social media breaks. That’s why we’re not seeing the right stories being told because everyone is stuck in their phones.”