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Céline Dion on the ‘Invisible Thread’ Connecting Her to René Angélil Forever

Céline Dion on the ‘Invisible Thread’ Connecting Her to René Angélil Forever

Earlier this morning, Céline Dion sang her heart out on the “Today” show to promote her new album, and sat down with “Extra” after the performance in NYC, where she opened up on life since the passing of her husband and longtime manager René Angélil, who died of cancer.

Though he is no longer here, Céline is making one thing clear… René is always with her. She shared, “René is inside of me, René is with me, we're all connected. This is the thread, the invisible thread. René gave his best and his all to me all my life, he’s the only man of my life. I see him through the eyes of my three boys, so he did the album with me and he's still with me… He loves the new French album and I’m starting a new English album and he’s very, very happy [‘Recover’] will be my first song.”

The superstar belted out a quick line from “Recover,” the album’s lead single, which was written by Pink. She sang, “I am recovering, faith of a child.” She smiled, “I can’t do too much because it’s not recorded yet, but it’s a great song.”

Looking and feeling great with the help of a new stylist, Law Roach, she gushed, “Fashion has always been something that’s very fun for me to play with and I think more than ever before, I thought that fashion was about trying to stay young and only the young should do that, but I don’t think so, not with my new stylist… He' s really passionate about it, so he's bringing me new things to make me discover and I’m really having a good time.”

Dion also set the record straight on the rumors she, Britney, and Jennifer Lopez could unite for an epic Las Vegas takeover. She commented, “I’m always busy singing — them, too. They can’t see me, I can’t see them. We’ll have to find a a way to get together; she sings three songs, I sing three songs… we’re gonna have to figure it out.”