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Steven Spielberg Remembers Anton Yelchin

Steven Spielberg Remembers Anton Yelchin

“Extra” caught up with Steven Spielberg at the premiere of his latest movie, “The BFG,” where he took a moment to reflect on the loss of Anton Yelchin, who was died at 27 early Sunday in a freak car accident.

Spielberg said Yelchin started out on the series he launched with Michael Crichton, “E.R.," “Very sweet, sweet young man, very dedicated to acting, not shooting for the stars, just shooting for good roles, good roles that would test him… He passed much too soon… It was a tragic, tragic, accident.”

On a brighter note, Spielberg is happy to bring “The BFG” to the big screen, “This book was in my library to read to my kids when they all came into the world.” He said it took a while to do because “the technology did not exist five years ago.”

The happy story could not come at a better time. “I think it's a time where audiences want to feel something more than shame and criticism and division. And I think this is the opposite of divisiveness. This movie is really about: How do you bring two very different groups together?”