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Charlie Sheen’s Regrets After HIV Revelation

Charlie Sheen’s Regrets After HIV Revelation

Earlier this morning, Charlie Sheen sat down with “Today’s” Matt Lauer, where he discussed life after revealing he is HIV positive, which he described was “like being released from prison."

Back in November, Sheen revealed he went public with the bombshell to prevent his former girlfriends from extorting him. Now, he believes the confession only made things worse, saying, "It actually poured a little more gas on that fire that morning. They can claim whatever they want — I know the truth. They're all sort of going back to the woodwork where they belong.” Watch!

Since his diagnosis, Sheen has been able to reflect on his life and admitted he regrets "not using a condom the one or two times when this whole thing happened. I regret ruining 'Two and a Half Men.' I regret not being more involved in my children's lives growing up, which I am now. That's about it. We can only move forward from today. They wouldn't call it 'the past' if it wasn't.”

Sheen also shut down rumors he had put his previous girlfriends at risk, even though he did not always inform them about his HIV status. He said, "No one has been infected… There was two examples, but protection was always in place, and it was for the right reasons, because everyone that I had told up to that moment had shaken me down.”

Some of the women have filed lawsuits against Sheen for not making them aware of his HIV status. Sheen responded to the lawsuits by calling them “baseless.”

The 50-year-old also gave a health update, revealing, "I am undetectable as I sit here today.” People with HIV are said to be “undetectable” when, through treatment, their viral load is no longer detectable in blood tests, making it theoretically impossible to transmit the virus.