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Joey Feek Documentary Trailer Is Heart-Wrenching

There is a documentary coming out about the life and death of country singer Joey Feek, and the trailer is absolutely heartbreaking.

“To Joey, with Love” begins as Joey and husband Rory prepare for the birth of their daughter Indiana in February 2014, and follows Joey’s battle with cancer until her death earlier this year.

Rory shared the trailer on his blog This Life I Live, revealing that he wept at her grave as he watched it.

Rory wrote on his blog, “Yesterday, June 15th, was our anniversary. In the early morning, I carried a thermos and our two favorite mugs across the back field and shared a cup of coffee with my bride as the sun came up over the wooden cross with her name on it. I talked and she listened. Or at least, I hoped that somewhere, somehow, she could hear me. And I felt her presence the way I do most days since she’s been gone… in my heart, and in my soul. And I pulled out my iPhone and pushed play… and we watched a movie trailer together as my tears fell.”

He later added, “I have not cried beside Joey’s grave. I have talked and prayed and sat still beside her cross for hours, but not really cried. Not until yesterday when I shared this trailer with her, or at least tried to. For our anniversary. And I wept like a baby.”

The film will be in theaters for one night only on Sept. 20. For more information, visit ToJoeywithLove.com.