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Prince's Ex-Wife on the Death of His Only Child... and Her Own New Beginning

Prince's Ex-Wife on the Death of His Only Child... and Her Own New Beginning
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Mayte with daughter Gia in 2014

Prince's only child, Boy Gregory, died of Pfeiffer syndrome just one week after his birth in 1996. At the time, his birth and death were shrouded in mystery. Now, his mom, Prince's ex-wife Mayte Garcia, is opening up about that tragic loss — and about her inspiring new lease on motherhood, and on life.

Speaking at Single Mom’s Planet’s Single Mom’s Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, May 7, the dancer, now 42, vividly recalled the pain she went through with Prince when their son died, a pain that led to the disintegration of their marriage a few years later. It also temporarily dashed her hopes of becoming a mom.

“Like most women, I always dreamt of becoming a mother,” Mayte said. “When I got married, the idea of starting my own family was at the top of my list."

She continued, "Unfortunately, I got pregnant, lost the baby months later, and then lost my marriage. It just wasn’t my time yet. After that, I was broken. And I kind of lost hope. I basically gave up my dream of becoming a mom."

Mayte broke down in tears as she told the crowd that Prince's death has been extremely difficult for her, and that is why she has chosen not to discuss it publicly.

Many years later, Garcia appeared on VH1's "Hollywood Exes," and the exposure led to an unbelievable offer — a viewer reached out to Garcia on Twitter, offering to arrange an adoption for her. She agreed and is now the proud mother of little Gia.

“I fell in love… with that baby girl,” Mayte recalled. “Five years later, she is my greatest gift."