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George Lopez Opens Up about Helping Prince’s Family Financially

George Lopez Opens Up about Helping Prince’s Family Financially

As Prince’s siblings begin the process of settling his approximately $300-million estate, George Lopez is speaking out about the family.

“Extra” caught up with Lopez at his Ninth Annual George Lopez Celebrity Golf Classic, where he opened up about helping Prince’s family with finances after reports surfaced that he gave them $20,000.

“When something happens like that, it catches a lot of people off guard, a lot of people now, with the economy sometimes, you don't have resources to do the basic things, like travel from one place to another.” He added, “I'd help out anybody.”

Lopez reminisced over knowing Prince, saying, “We're playing the music, we’re honoring him. He did my talk show. It was pretty amazing. He didn't really speak to a lot of people, and the fact that he would be so unarmed in his response… he was really funny. People don't realize how funny he was.”

George continued, “He wanted to be my Bible study teacher. He was trying to convert me and I was gonna let him. I was like, 'I'm gonna let you dude, if you can get to me. I'm gonna let you,' and then I got food poisoning and he said the devil came between us. It was jalapeño rock shrimp. I didn’t tell him though.”