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Drew Barrymore Opens Up on Life After Will Kopelman Divorce Announcement

Last week, actress Drew Barrymore sat down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh for the first time since announcing her divorce from Will Kopelman.

Though a divorce can be daunting, Barrymore is able to stay positive and focus on the important things, including their daughters Olive and Frankie. “It’s like one foot in front of the other, business as usual, life is good, focus on the positive, be strong be happy, be human,” she said.

Drew explained her mantra of being a warrior for happiness. “I think nothing is earned easily, but it doesn’t have to be heavy... It’s like, life is heavy enough — lighten up. I just love, like, how happiness seems like this lofty, hippie-dippie kind of notion and it’s not. It’s a really hard-earned thing, and to bestow it on others and to maintain it as a mentality, it takes work and it pays off.”

Barrymore is working really hard on being a good mom to Olive and Frankie, who she credits with changing her life. She gushed, “My daughters have made me behave as the person I always dreamed to be.”

She went on, “It’s like, I would always climb that mountain and I would fail time and time again have a reaction that didn’t make me feel proud of myself or, you know, you’re just growing, trying to be the best person you can be but God, somehow my daughters have just pushed me over and I still fail all the time and I just get home at night and I’m like, 'I didn’t lose it, I somehow took the high road cause you forced me to.'”

Barrymore showed off her girls' artwork while hosting a special Shutterfly Mother’s Day event in partnership with Children’s Hospital, dishing on life at home with her kiddos. “When I'm with them by myself, which is all the time, they're like, ‘We want to paint.' I’m like, 'I have to cook breakfast, you alone with the paints is going to be such a mess'... we'll do palettes so they can only get so much paint everywhere.”

Loving her “crafty” family, Drew shared, “You know what? It’s a good thing to occupy their time.I still love TV, too… but those mothers who are like, 'I never let my kids watch TV.' I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I totally let my kids watch TV!' Am I a bad mother?'”

Along with her family, the 41-year-old is also surrounded by her squad of famous girlfriends, including Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. “I think good women change your life. Girls were my original family. I didn’t grow up traditionally with, like, that dining room table sort of setting, my girls were my family and I love my journey and my destiny is to raise two daughters.”

She added, “I think that the girls that I know, we work hard on our friendships, we're not, like, fair-weather friends. We have growing pains. We have moments where for many years we've earned our friendship... girlfriends are not just a lightweight thing, it’s pretty deep.”

As for their girls’ nights, Drew laughed, “Oh, yeah, definitely wine, food — we’re, like, all eaters, big eaters. They just work out more than I do… So they, like, burn it off and I’m sitting there, like, two weeks later going, ‘Why do I look bloated?’... Having a six-pack is never gonna happen in this lifetime, like, bikini season? I’m, like, ‘Bikini season?' I’m, like, ‘Try muumuu season!’"