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Jennifer Lawrence’s Surprising Dating Confession We Didn’t Expect to Hear

Jennifer Lawrence’s Surprising Dating Confession We Didn’t Expect to Hear

It’s hard to believe the always-stunning Jennifer Lawrence is single! J. Law, who wore Dior, recently chatted with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway about her love life and body image at the premiere of her newest venture, narrating the IMAX movie, “A Beautiful Planet."

Jennifer, who is one of the sought after actresses in Hollywood, revealed to AJ she is single and laughed, “What dating life?” When AJ asked, “None?” Jennifer responded, “No.” AJ said, “Are you kidding me?” Before breaking into laughter, Jen elaborated, “No, I’m not, it’s really sad. I haven’t felt the touch of a man in...”

On a more serious note, the Oscar winner is on a crusade with her BFF Amy Schumer to stop body shaming. She smiled, “We both just get together and we're like, ‘Gosh, man, shoving food in our faces, wouldn’t it be nice if we could just live like this and not have to read comments?'”

Lawrence added, “It’s one of those frustrating conversations that happens around bodies.” Amy was recently called “plus size” by Glamour magazine, so Jennifer believes it is an important topic to discuss. “There's so many different ways to be beautiful; Amy and I are always laughing about it. Everyone always talks about us like, ‘Look, plus-size actresses!’ Our idea of what is curvy is, like, so bizarre.”

The actresses are also working on a movie together. J.Law revealed the script is ready. “We’re done. We’re trying to find a director and time to do it, 'cause every time we get a spot slotted, one of us does something.”

As for her passion project, “A Beautiful Planet," Jennifer shared, “I’m really passionate about the environment and there’s a big environmental theme throughout the movie. I also love space, so the two together was a force that I couldn’t deny.”

“A Beautiful Planet” is in theaters tomorrow.