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Exclusive: Joe Biden Shares His Contrasting Opinion of Lady Gaga & Donald Trump

Only “Extra’s” Renee Bargh was with Vice President Joe Biden in Las Vegas, where he brought attention to sexual assault on college campuses for the It’s On Us initiative at UNLV.

Such an honor to speak with Vice President Joe Biden for @extratv such a kind/ good man. #itsonus

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Joe was joined at the campus by Lady Gaga, who belted out her emotionally charged Oscar-nominated song “Til It Happens To You.” On teaming up with Gaga, Biden gushed, “She has become a good friend. I got to spend time with her and she poured out her soul about what happened to her and she’s become a friend.“

Gaga recently revealed she was sexually assaulted at the age of 19 and channeled the pain into her lyrics. Lady Gaga and the Vice President had a heart-to-heart at this year’s Oscars ceremony. He shared, “She’s offered to do whatever she can to do whatever she can to keep the focus on what’s happening to young girls and young women and she’s making a difference.”

When Renee asked what has surprised Biden the most about Gaga, he responded, “What has surprised me is how absolutely normal her family is. She’s just a really remarkable person and I’ve gotten to like her.

One person the Vice President doesn’t like too much these days… Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He commented, “Words matter… And just the way he was talking to Megyn Kelly, the way women are discussed, I find it unappealing. I feel strongly he should not be president.”

When Biden isn’t dealing with politics, he is catching up on pop culture with the help of “Extra”! He said, “I know more about pop culture because of you all, then I would otherwise.”

To showcase his knowledge on pop culture, Biden took part in “Extra’s” little rapid-fire quiz.

For more on how you can fight against sexual assault, visit ItsOnUs.org!