Jerry Bruckheimer Dishes on 'Top Gun 2,' and What Maverick Is Like Today

Jerry Bruckheimer Dishes on 'Top Gun 2,' and What Maverick Is Like Today

When you're one of the biggest producers in Hollywood, you get an entire month dedicated to you at UCLA.

Tonight, the university is launching “The Heat Is On,” celebrating the life and work of Jerry Bruckheimer. “Extra” was with Jerry this weekend, and he talked about some of his most famous films, breaking news on the sequel we all have been waiting for, “Top Gun 2.”

Jerry confirmed the film’s biggest star, Tom Cruise, is on board for another round. “Yes, well we have to get him a script, so we are working on that right now.” He added, “We've been trying for 30 years. I think we're the closest we've been in 30 years. Paramount’s excited about it, Tom's excited.”

Tom will reprise the role of Maverick, and Jerry hinted at what he may look like now. “It's bringing back a character you haven't seen for a long time and how he's changed, and what he's doing and how he views the world. He's got the same spirit and drive that he's always had.”

Jerry thinks Tom will also be excited to bring back the need for speed. “When he made the first ‘Top Gun,’ he got so excited about flying. He's now a pilot. He's a jet pilot, so I think it excites him that he might be able to get inside some of these big jets.”

Bruckheimer is also busy putting the final touches on Johnny Depp’s fifth installment of Capt. Jack Sparrow in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” “He's a brilliant actor and he's a great comedian, which people don’t know about him... he does these very serious roles, Whitey Bulger being one of them, but as a comic he's fantastic. He can do Charlie Chaplin, which is a little bit of Jack Sparrow, little bit of Keith Richards, and he says Pepe Le Pew.”

Jerry is also bringing back two other mega franchises, “Bad Boys 3,” with Will Smith reportedly already on board, and another "Beverly Hills Cop." “We have a very good script, Eddie likes it quite a bit. I think and we are hoping we can get a director and get it launched.”

Bruckheimer also revealed a bit of trivia about one of his past films, "American Gigolo." He told us, "John Travolata was going to be in it. Richard [Gere] was a budding star, but not a star yet. John Travolta was the biggest star in the world, Richard had a budding career. For whatever reason John decided he wasn't goining to do it, his girlfriend died and he wasn't up for it. Richard agreed to do it and we got lucky."