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Livestream: Erin Andrews Expected to Testify in Her $75M Trial

Livestream: Erin Andrews Expected to Testify in Her $75M Trial

Today, “Dancing with the Stars” co-host and sportscaster Erin Andrews is testifying for the second day in court as part of her $75 million civil trial against her stalker, Marriott, and other defendants, whom she is accusing of negligence and invasion of privacy.

In 2008, Erin’s stalker Michael David Barrett filmed her through peepholes on several occasions, including at the Marriott Nashville and the Radisson Airport Hotel in Milwaukee. He then posted the nude videos of Erin online, where they have been seen by approximately 16 million people. Andrews is accusing the hotels of making her room numbers known to Barrett, and accommodating his request for rooms next to hers.

Barrett, who was sentenced to two and a half years in prison after admitting to the stalking, is expected to give testimony via video.

Watch the livestream below!

Last week, Erin's lawyer Randall Kinnard said the nude videos continue to humiliate her to this day. He shared with The Tennessean, "It happens, it continues to happen, it happens today, it will never stop. This is not like a broken arm that heals. They cannot step into her shoes and understand the humiliation that can come from the violation of a standard of care. It’s not in their DNA to understand it.”

The hotel's attorney Marc Dedman put the blame on Barrett, who they say manipulated the reservation system. He told the jurors, “Every lawsuit is a story. You’re going to get a story from this side, and you get to decide what happened. This is a story about a serial stalker.”