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Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Body Secrets Revealed

Kim Kardashian’s Post-Baby Body Secrets Revealed
Reality star Kim Kardashian is partnering with Atkins as a brand ambassador to get her killer-pre-baby body back! Kardashian, who gained 60 pounds while pregnant with Saint West, has already lost 30 pounds and plans to lose 40 more.

Kim also relied on Atkins to help get her curves back after giving birth to North in 2013. “Extra” recently spoke with the star’s nutrition guru, Colette Heimowitz, the Vice President of  Nutrition Education and Science at Atkins, who dished on Kim’s weight-loss secrets. Heimowitz was thrilled that Kim decided to return to Atkins. She says, “She's smart and she's motivated and she's committed.”  

To achieve her weight-loss goals, Kim isn’t necessarily cutting calories, Heimowitz shared, “On Atkins, you can take in more calories than you would on a typical low-calorie diet and lose actually more weight.” 

Heimowitz continued, “Because she’s breastfeeding, we started her on the Atkins 40 program, which is a new entry point for Atkins, which allows her more carbohydrates. So we can pace the weight loss at two pounds a week, so that it won’t affect her breast milk, and she gets adequate protein from chicken, fish, and some [red] meat, dairy from Greek yogurt and some cheese, lots of vegetables… low glycemic fruits like berries, healthy fats like nuts and olive oil — so many choices for her to make a healthy diet.”   

The best news of all about the diet? Heimowitz says, “The meals that Kim is eating, anybody can do.”
Along with the diet, Kim is also working out. “She’s also exercising, so she’ll sculpt her body with a personal trainer and lose 40 pounds of fat with us, and if it’s two to three pounds a week, it will take a couple months.”