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Inside Josh & Anna Duggar’s Emotional Reunion at Rehab Center

Inside Josh & Anna Duggar’s Emotional Reunion at Rehab Center
After close to three months in rehab, Josh Duggar recently got a visit from his wife Anna at the Reformers Unanimous facility in Rockford, Ill.

A source close to the couple told In Touch about the reunion, "Anna went right before Thanksgiving. She had a lot to discuss with Josh. She thought it best that she go alone so she decided not to bring the kids, except Meredith because she is still breastfeeding.”

The insider went on, “Seeing Josh was really hard for Anna. She cried about how much she misses him and teared up while they prayed.”

The visit came just days after Josh was sued by porn star Danica Dillon, who claimed he committed battery against her during two sexual encounters in March and April. The source revealed that Anna wanted to confront Josh about accusations. “Anna knew she needed to talk to Josh about that and about the lawsuit.”

The source continued, “[Anna] believes Josh cheated on her — because he admitted he did — but she does not believe Danica’s story. She doesn’t think Josh could be so aggressive. Josh is still denying it happened and told Anna that since he was living a life of sin, he isn’t surprised that people are making things up about him. But Josh doesn’t confess anything until he is absolutely caught in a lie.”

The visit apparently went well since Amy is rumored to be visiting Josh again with the kids before Christmas. “She believes everything Josh says. She actually thinks he’s getting better.”