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Shocking New Details About Charlie Sheen Revealed in Wake of HIV Announcement

Shocking New Details About Charlie Sheen Revealed in Wake of HIV Announcement

Is Charlie Sheen going broke and filing for bankruptcy?

New reports claim the actor, who revealed he's HIV positive on the "Today" show, may have dropped $1.6 million on call girls in 2013.

Now, he's reportedly drowning in debt and selling his mansions as he braces for a barrage of lawsuits. Sheen is also taking legal action to protect his fortune, which was once estimated at $150 million.

Sheen told Matt Lauer he was forced to spend $10 million to buy a former confidante's silence. "We're talking shakedowns," he said.

Now, In Touch magazine has copies of the legal agreement he asked his sex partners to sign as a promise not to divulge "confidential information" to friends, family, or media outlets.

If one of his partners broke the agreement, she would be required to pay the actor $100,000, as well as any damages associated with the leaked information. Signers also agreed to settle any disputes with the star in arbitration, not court.

While his former co-star Heather Locklear has been supportive of Charlie, telling X17, "He's a special guy and he deserves kudos," some of his former lovers are speaking out less flatteringly about their relationships with the former "Two and a Half Men" actor.

Porn star Kacey Jordan told DailyMail.com that Sheen got her pregnant after she was paid $30,000 to attend a party at his home five years ago. The 27-year-old said he did use a condom, but "it broke."

"Charlie has definitely done some things that you would consider high-risk that would have increased his chance of contracting HIV," she said, adding, "I'm not shocked at all that this is happening, being a girl of the industry and knowing what lifestyle he leads."

Ex-fiancée Scottine Ross made explosive health claims to the National Enquirer claiming he exposed her to HIV for a year and a half. She blasted him for not telling her about his health, and says she "hates" him.

Another former girlfriend, Amanda Bruce, opened up to Dr. Oz about having unprotected sex with Charlie even though she knew about his condition.

The nurse said, "We were a couple. I was in love with him."

She added, "If I met him one night and we had decided to engage in unprotected sex with him, I would say that’s like playing Russian roulette."

"Extra" spoke with Dr. Oz, who revealed how Sheen is beating the virus, saying, "Charlie takes four pills a day. He's on a cocktail that has reduced his levels of virus to an undetectable number."

Oz warned that Charlie needs to stay healthy and avoid his former party-boy lifestyle.

"There is a bigger risk to Charlie from relapsing into drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, things that trigger him to make bad decisions because then he might start skipping doses of his HIV drugs then he'll fall prey to illnesses and start infecting people."

Charlie's famous father hopes this will be a turning point for his son. While at an event in Naples, FL, Martin Sheen told the Naples Daily News that he hopes this is the "first day of the rest of Charlie’s life as a free man."