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Amy Adams Opens Up on Secret Wedding and Jennifer Lawrence’s Letter on Gender Wage Gap

Amy Adams Opens Up on Secret Wedding and Jennifer Lawrence’s Letter on Gender Wage Gap
Earlier this week, Amy Adams, the face of Max Mara’s latest accessories line, sat down with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway to chat about her super secret summer wedding to her boyfriend of 14 years, director Darren Le Gallo.

About the nuptials, Adams shared, “This is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to talk about it. It was really fun... we were already sort of married, but we just had a wedding… I mean, we weren’t technically married.”  

When asked how she kept the wedding a secret, Adams joked, “I’m boring. I think it helps, I don’t really do much.” In all seriousness, she continued, “We made a real effort to keep it really quiet.”
Amy’s “American Hustle” co-star Jennifer Lawrence recently spoke out against Hollywood’s gender wage gap in an open letter with a few choice curse words.

Amy supported Jennifer, saying, “I don’t think it’s just about salary, and I think this is the thing about Jennifer’s code that I really responded to; it’s about finding your voice as a woman, and I think that Jennifer has a really unique voice and I’m really  happy she’s in a place where she feels the strength to speak and to use it for her generation and generations to come. I think it’s important to have that strength.”

Adams laughed, “She just needs to swear a little less so my daughter can actually read these things.”
With only a few weeks left before Halloween, the five-time Oscar nominee’s daughter Aviana decided she wants to be a raccoon. Amy smiled, “And I’m going to be a trashcan she says… and daddy’s gonna be a garbage man… I’m like, how can I make a trashcan costume and not like a sexy trashcan like she wants?”  

When AJ said, “Oh, you want to go like Oscar the Grouch?” Amy responded, “Mommy the Grouch — that’s what she thought it should be called — I’m like, huh, I think this is payback for something, but I’m going along.”