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Sandra Bullock Reveals Son Louis Has a Girlfriend!

Sandra Bullock Reveals Son Louis Has a Girlfriend!
Sandra Bullock and her "Our Brand Is Crisis" co-star Billy Bob Thornton recently sat down with "Extra's" Terri Seymour… and wound up chatting about her son Louis' love life at age 5!

She shared about the kindergartener, "Well, he had two girlfriends; one was older and she moved on and he had to deal with that heartache, now he has a really sweet girlfriend that he loves very much… he's not gonna marry her, but she's still his gal."

Sandra also revealed that Louis was not a big fan of her blond hair in "Our Brand Is Crisis."

She said, "He doesn’t like me any other way than how I naturally wake up in the morning. Like, he prefers me brunette — doesn't like any makeup on my face, he wants my hair down, he doesn’t like that stupid bun I stick on my head every day and look like I'm reaching for space with an antenna, and I appreciate that."

Thornton is on the 5-year-old's side, in terms of hair. "I have always been a brunette guy… I was never a blonde guy. It was not that I didm't try it out; I've always found brunettes and the more exotic looks and stuff like that more appealing."

Billy Bob also went through a transformation for his part in the movie. He shaved his head, leading many to mistakenly believe he was basing his character on politico James Carville. "I didn't think about that beforehand, no."

Though Sandra and Billy Bob are enemies in the film, they had fun working together. Thorton gushed, “We had a great time working together, but when you're working on something where the thing itself is good and it has a point to it, that makes it a lot easier."

In the original script,  Sandra's role was originally written for a man, and was going to be played by the film's producer, George Clooney. She joked about stealing the role from George, saying, "Yes, I was able to be the first person to ever steal from George and live to tell about it."

In all seriousness, she shared, "[George] and Grant [Heslov] had been developing this for five years and it wasn't really something that was active on their roster, and I just came in and asked… I said, 'Is this something you guys would be willing to just change to a female?' The change was very easy, but they didm't have to say yes; it could have been something that was very precious to them, but they looked at it and it still has the same impact that we wanted with it having a female and actually the answer was really quick."

Switching gears, Bullock elaborated on why she told "Glamour" magazine she wants to be buried in her old cheerleading uniform. She explained, "I meant it… I haven't actually put on the skirt to see if it buttons; I know the sweater fits… I know the shoes fit… I want to be buried in my cheerleading uniform, and I want pom-poms in there."
"Our Brand Is Crisis" opens October 24.