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Lamar Odom Discussed Mother & Friends' Deaths with Brothel Worker

Lamar Odom Discussed Mother & Friends' Deaths with Brothel Worker
Days before he was found unconscious at Love Ranch, Lamar Odom opened up to a brothel employee about the death of his mom and two best friends.

Love Ranch manager TJ Moore revealed to NBC News, "We talked about my family, my grandsons. He just really enjoyed the ride. He did tell me about his mother, losing her at a very early age, being raised by his grandmother, and he told me about a mentor back in his school years, that got him involved in basketball and… on the positive track."

She added, "He did talk about losing two best friends recently that did affect him… his mother's death did affect him, he did speak about that again on Sunday. His mother's death did have a great effect, and so did his best friends' — and I think those were real recent, this past summer, if I remember right."

Moore's conversation with Odom took place when she picked him up from his Las Vegas home to take him to Love Ranch. She said, "I was actually surprised he was very easy to talk to. We talked about a lot of things. We talked about the fact that he wanted some rest and relaxation… he had minor children, so this was to be kept on the down-low."

A cashier at the brothel also shared her observations of Odom, saying, "He was very quiet, very tall ... but he was just very cordial, had a couple of drinks, relaxing, listening to music in the bar."

Lamar is currently in a medically induced coma, with conflicting reports on his prognosis.