ABC Reporter Jamie Zimmerman Dies in Tragic Accident

ABC Reporter Jamie Zimmerman Dies in Tragic Accident

Jamie Zimmerman, a doctor and reporter for ABC News, died while vacationing in Hawaii on Monday. She was 31.

Zimmerman drowned while trying to cross the Lumhai River in Kauai, her mother, Jordan Zimmerman, confirmed on Facebook.

The journalist lost her footing and was swept out to sea.

Jordan Zimmerman also posted a touching tribute to Jamie on the social media site:

"Those of you who knew Jamie or perhaps read some of her writings knew that she loved people above all else. It was her passion to be of service and teaching meditation was her calling."

"In her short 31 years Jamie traveled the globe representing America as a caring mindfulness ambassador," Zimmerman wrote. "Her accomplishments included helping Congolese refugees in Zambia, volunteering in a cash-strapped hospital in India, building classrooms in Uganda, and working with indigenous people on the Amazon in Peru. Jamie served as a United Nations Global Health representative in Haiti and she even taught meditation at the U.S. Capitol."

The post continued, "She was honored with UCLA's prestigious Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award, was a Rhodes Scholar finalist, and earned the title of Dr. Jamie at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Jamie wrote for the Huffington Post, Sonima, and Mind Body Green. Most recently she interviewed Deepak Chopra and had planned to collaborate with him on his new project All this was in addition to her work with ABC News in their Medical Unit as well as The (Goldie) Hawn Foundation where she trained educators and school administrators to teach meditation to children."