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Cate Blanchett Reveals the 'Truth' About Adopted Daughter and Working with Robert Redford

Cate Blanchett Reveals the 'Truth' About Adopted Daughter and Working with Robert Redford
"Extra's" Terri Seymour caught up with Cate Blanchett at a Los Angeles screening of "Truth," where she chatted about the new addition to the Oscar winner's family, baby daughter Edith.

Cate and husband Andrew Upton adopted Edith in March, making her the fourth adopted child in their family. She gushed, "Oh, she’s wonderful — we’re blessed, we're absolutely blessed."

Blanchett's sons have adjusted well to their baby sister. She shared, "I'm very, very, very proud of them. It's a wonderful thing when you see them forming as a unit that's completely separate from you. And that will go on long after I’m gone."  
In "Truth," Cate plays TV news producer Mary Mapes, who worked with TV anchor Dan Rather on a controversial 2004 report on President George W. Bush's military record.

Of the role, Blanchett said, "Her work was so well-known, but she wasn't very well-known… It's about a very intense particular period in her life and Dan Rather's life… Trying to cram her intelligence and vivacity and great good humor into this terrible personal and career crisis, when she was in free fall, so it was quite challenging."
She also raved about her co-star Robert Redford, saying, "You feel like the first time you meet him, you go straight into a dialogue as if you've known him for three or four years. He’s so open and so generous and so engaged." 

She blushed, "I'm desperately, passionately, madly in love with him, both creatively and physically — the whole thing." When Terri asked, "Does your husband know that?" Cate quipped, "I've come clean!"

"Truth" is in theaters on October 16.