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Shonda Rhimes Opens Up on 117-Pound Weight Loss

Shonda Rhimes Opens Up on 117-Pound Weight Loss
"Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal" creator Shonda Rhimes, one of TV's most successful producers, took on a more personal challenge recently — getting healthy.  

Over the weekend, Shonda, who lost a whopping 117 pounds, took a moment at a special TGIT event celebrating her ABC hits to talk with "Extra's" Renee Bargh about how she did it.

Rhimes revealed her motivation behind the weight loss, saying, "I just decided I was gonna get it together and get healthy; I have some little kids and I want to be around for them."

She added, "Once I decided it wasn't gonna be fun, like, I lowered my expectations; it got kind of easier."   

To lose the weight, Rhimes had to change her eating habits and exercise. "I changed everything I ate — and I hated all of that — and then I hate exercising and I did that, too, and I hated it the whole time.”   

The 45-year-old says that she still eats what she wants, just in smaller portions. "I try to make it much less and smaller portions, but you change what your palate wants. I'm suddenly craving fish and salad."

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