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Former 'Who's the Boss? Child Actor Tells Oprah He Is HIV Positive

Former 'Who's the Boss? Child Actor Tells Oprah He Is HIV Positive
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On Saturday's "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" episode, former "Who's the Boss?" child actor Danny Pintauro, who acknowledged he is gay in 1997 due to tabloid pressure, came out as HIV positive.

"I wanted to tell you this a long time ago, but I wasn't ready — I'm ready now — that I'm HIV positive," Pintauro told Oprah. He was diagnosed 12 years ago but feared admitting the truth because, "It's just a big deal."

Pintauro said he wants to be open about his status to help others. ""I missed the opportunity to be a beacon of light for gay kids who were going through what I was going through because I was outed — it wasn't by choice."

Pintauro with cast mates Tony Danza, Judith Light, Alyssa Milano, and Katherine Helmond in the '80s [Photo credit: ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images]

He also confirmed he is a former crystal meth user, telling Oprah he began taking the drug the same year he was diagnosed with HIV. "I had just come out of a two-year relationship and I discovered in that relationship that there was more I wanted to explore… sexually. Crystal meth takes away your inhibitions, you have no limits."

Pintauro says he no longer uses the drug. He married entertainer Will Tabares last year.