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John Stamos Speaks Out About DUI Arrest

John Stamos Speaks Out About DUI Arrest

Actor John Stamos is opening up about his June DUI arrest.

He told Details magazine, "I've had a rough year with my mom dying, so it all came to a head, and it was a turning point. You either continue on that path – and some of it's fun, but a lot of it's not – or there's this other thing, this golden opportunity sitting there with all this work and all this goodwill that you have going for you. That's the key."

He added that he’s striving to be more mature. "I'm trying. I swear to God I'm trying," Stamos said. "It's not as much fun, but you have to be responsible. It's about discipline, which I lost for a while. Part of being undisciplined for the past five or six years is that I didn't work as much as it looked like. I had some high-profile jobs, like a Super Bowl commercial or a few episodes of ‘Glee,’ but there was a lot of downtime, and that can be, obviously, dangerous."

john-stamos[Credit: Michael Schmelling/Details]

After checking into rehab for about a month, John has been focused on his two new shows, FOX’s “Grandfathered” and Netflix’s “Fuller House.”

"I can't wait to get to work in the morning," he told Entertainment Weekly of “Grandfathered.” "I haven't felt this in a long time. I feel better than I've felt in a decade, and I hope people see that. That's what I want them to see.”