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Report: Nick Gordon Reveals His Version of What Happened to Bobbi Kristina

Report: Nick Gordon Reveals His Version of What Happened to Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordon has opened up for the first time about what happened to Bobbi Kristina Brown… in new court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com.

Gordon’s lawyers are reportedly filing a motion to dismiss the $10-million wrongful death suit filed by Brown’s rep, Bedelia C. Hargrove.

Hargrove’s suit accused Gordon of giving Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s only child a “toxic cocktail” and putting her “face down in a tub of cold water.”

Gordon’s criminal lawyer, Jose Baez, has called the claims “slanderous and meritless” and now his civil lawyers, W. Bryant Green III and Jonathan M. Broderick, are fighting back.

Radar says the attorneys will file documents Tuesday night asking the Superior Court of Fulton County, GA to dismiss the case against Gordon.

The papers state, “Plaintiff’s Complaint as answered by Defendant contains several unsupported conclusory, untrue criminal accusations that Defendant Nicholas Gordon committed acts that he simply did not do. Plaintiff has not provided any evidence including but not limited to, affidavits, police reports, indictments, and or any documentation to support baseless claims made against Defendant…”

Radar has also learned that supporting documents include Nick’s side of the story, stating, “the parties went out on the night in question, then he (Gordon) reviewed video footage and then had an argument with Ms. Brown and that he changed clothes. Defendant denies the remaining allegations…”

In the docs, Gordon claims “that someone went into the master bedroom and found Ms. Brown face down in the bathtub, and that Ms. Brown appeared unconscious and unresponsive at that time. Defendant denies the remaining allegations…”

He also adds, “he tried to ‘wake up’ Ms. Brown and attempted to get her to react that he performed CPR on her, and Defendant further admits that others unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate Ms. Brown.”

Gordon denies all other claims of assault and battery as well. For more details, visit RadarOnline.com.

Bobbi Kristina was found facedown and unconscious in her bathtub on Jan. 31. She never regained consciousness and died July 26.