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Faith-Based 'War Room' Inspires at the Box Office

Faith-Based 'War Room' Inspires at the Box Office
The Christian film "War Room" had a heavenly opening at the box office this weekend, while Zac Efron's latest didn't have a prayer.

Directed by Alex Kendrick, "War Room" was made for just about $3 million, but it's set to gross $11 million in its first weekend alone. The film, which espouses the power of prayer, was distributed by Sony's faith-driven Affirm division.

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Alex Kendrick shares the success with his writing and producing partner, his brother Stephen Kendrick. [CRED: Walter McBride/Getty Images]

Zac Efron's "We Are Your Friends" (which became one of the worst-performing wide releases in history) and Owen Wilson's "No Escape" didn't attract as much attention as the actors themselves, making it an easy repeat at #1 for "Straight Outta Compton." That film is now the highest-grossing music biopic of all time, outpacing "Walk the Line" (2005).

Zac Efron's "We Are Your Friends" made only $1.8 million. [Cred: Warner Bros.]

The Top 5:

(1) "Straight Outta Compton" 

(2) "War Room"

(3) "Mission Impossible—Rogue Nation"

(4) "No Escape"

(5) "Sinister 2"