Vester Lee Flanagan’s Apartment Filled with Photos of Himself, Sex Toys

Vester Lee Flanagan’s Apartment Filled with Photos of Himself, Sex Toys
Since Vester Lee Flanagan made headlines for murdering WDBJ-TV reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, more details about him are coming to light.

A video of his one-bedroom apartment has surfaced, which showed dirty dishes and a bed stripped of sheets and covers. He also covered it with pictures of himself from his young modeling and reporting days. Investigators also discovered sex toys, which had "human material" on them.

After Flanagan shot himself, authorities searched his rental car and found a wig, six magazines of ammunition, 17 stamped letters, three license plates and a to-do list. They suspect that he was trying to flee Virginia.

More information about Flanagan’s history is unfolding. Flanagan had a rough childhood, which included his father seeking a restraining order against his mom at the time of their divorce in 1982.

His father claimed, "She has also repeatedly threatened my life, at least on one occasion threatening to shoot me in my sleep, and the children have heard these threats and are understandably upset. She has, for example, threatened the lives and safety of our children as a method of attempting to keep me from leaving the house to go to work. At other times the respondent (Betty) is calm, rational, and charming, but the children and I are unable to anticipate or control these outbursts or threats of violence.”