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Sadie Robertson Hopes Josh Duggar Can Be Forgiven for His Cheating 'Mistake'

Sadie Robertson Hopes Josh Duggar Can Be Forgiven for His Cheating 'Mistake'
While promoting her new book "Live Original," "Duck Dynasty" star Sadie Robertson took time to defend the Duggars amid Josh's recent sex scandals.

She told People, "It honestly makes me really sad that they're having to go through this, because it's one thing to go through it as a family, and it would be just as hard for them if they weren't in the limelight, but... everybody's talking about it, and that just adds that many more comments, that many more opinions. We've been there, it's hard."

On Josh's confession that he cheated on Anna with the Ashley Madison website, Sadie said, "It's been kind of a secret for a long time, and everybody knows, when secrets come out, it's not fun. Secrets are hard. You shouldn't keep secrets. At this point it is what it is, and so they're just going to have to make the best out of it... if they can forgive him, it will all work out."

The cancellation of "19 Kids and Counting," after Josh admitted to molesting girls as a teen, made Sadie reflect on her own show. "They almost canceled Duck Dynasty whenever my grandpa said the things that he said, and that would have been, in my opinion, not a very good decision, because that was putting one man's words in all of our mouths. Josh Duggar, that's not his whole family. His whole family didn't do that. He made a mistake."

Sadie and her family faced a backlash after her grandfather Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments.