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Jessica Alba Calls Gwyneth Paltrow Comparisons 'Unfair'

Jessica Alba Calls Gwyneth Paltrow Comparisons 'Unfair'
Carter Smith/Allure
Jessica Alba is being brutally honest about the comparison between her and Gwyneth Paltrow in the September 2015 issue of Allure magazine.

Both women have been able to capitalize on their acting careers and build successful companies with their well-known names. Alba shared, "What I think is unfair is to lump actresses together. People aren't lumping Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher together. They do other businesses. I think it's expected that when you get success in one area, you're supposed to evolve and try to do something else — especially in business, and especially if you're a man."

Jessica's frustration with the comparisons raises the topic of sexism of Hollywood. "Women are freaking resilient. I never wanted to play into a stereotype, where it's like, 'Oh, you're just the girl who gets saved by the guy,' and she doesn't know how to make decisions, and she gets overwhelmed with all this stuff happening around her."
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Not only is Jessica is picky about the roles she takes on, she is also choosy on how much skin to show in movies. "If there's a role where I feel comfortable doing that, sure. It's just I never felt like being naked was going to make the movie any better. If anything, it was just going to exploit me for no reason."

Jessica credits her success in acting and business to her husband Cash Warren. "It wouldn't really be possible without him. He helped me put together my initial business plan. He was always my biggest cheerleader. Having someone who genuinely has your back, no matter what, there's nothing like that... it's a real, unconditional love. The partner that you choose to go through life with you, that's your chosen family."
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