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Kendra Wilkinson Makes Some Mega-Decisions on Her Marriage in New ‘Kendra on Top'

Kendra Wilkinson Makes Some Mega-Decisions on Her Marriage in New ‘Kendra on Top'

Kendra Wilkinson is proving she is still on top.

The former Playboy playmate is launching the fourth season of her reality show, “Kendra on Top” on WE tv, in the wake of her husband Hank Baskett’s cheating scandal.

Hank was accused of having an affair with a transgender model, but denied cheating.

Now, Kendra says she is taking control, testing her marriage, and seeing if “the grass is greener on the other side.” She stopped by “Extra’s” H&M Studios in Times Square, where she revealed, “I’m not jumping over there but exploring that route through this season and you will be surprised what I find out.”

Kendra is putting herself out there, “You know we’ve been together for seven years now, I had big trauma last year and with trauma comes, you know, a lot of pain.”

The reality star, who also shared her relationship woes on WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp,” went on to say, “I want to feel young again, hot again, I want to be happy, have fun because I deserve it… I am trying to just look at both sides, is marriage, you know worth the rest of my life or the other side worth the rest of my life? Partying, being with other guys, that freedom, true happiness or is marriage and trusting Hank the rest of my life?”

Making it clear she wanted to know every detail on what Hank did outside of their marriage in order for her to be able to move on, she said, “I want to know every single thing and it's important to know everything about what my husband went through, just so I have it inside to forgive every single thing. I don’t want to live my life with all questions, I want to live my life with answers.”

She answered the big question: does she trust her husband? “I trust him, I trust his heart, I know he wants to stay married to me and I know he loves me… but the one thing he needs to work on is his trust levels with people, sometimes he can let in the devil.”

The mother of two says she’s ready to start the next chapter of her life. She showed off her new wedding ring after flushing her previous ring down the toilet at the height of her marital problems. “I am flaunting. This represents something else. This isn’t my old marriage... this will represent my new marriage.”

See how Kendra’s new marriage plays out when the “Kendra on Top” premieres August 21.