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Luke Bryan on Blake and Miranda, His 'Chaotic' Homelife, and Those Justin Timberlake Comparisons

Luke Bryan on Blake and Miranda, His 'Chaotic' Homelife, and Those Justin Timberlake Comparisons
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Country superstar Luke Bryan celebrated the release of his fifth album, "Kill The Lights," with a performance in New York City’s Irving Plaza and a chat with "Extra's" special correspondent and country radio DJ Kelly Ford.   

Luke, who has endured troubling times in recent months after taking in his 13-year-old nephew when his brother-in-law, Ben Lee Cheshire, unexpectedly died (Cheshire was the widowed husband of Luke's only sister, Kelly, who died in 2007), revealed that he has been in touch with his fellow country star and good friend Blake Shelton since Shelton announced his divorce from Miranda Lambert.

"You know, we've certainly talked about it … At the end of the day, I want people happy. In my life, I've dealt with a lot of permanent loss where you know you can't get people back, and I just always pray—certainly in Blake and Miranda's case—that they'll be happy, ya know, however, whatever shakes out, and anybody going through that. I mean, life is precious and short and you need to find that happy place and get there."

The 39-year-old is in a happy place at home with his wife, Caroline, and the boys.

"My nephew, he's 13, then Bo and Tate are 7, and Taylor is almost 5," he tells "Extra." Laughing, he says, "It’s like we're breaking up fights all the time. I mean, but I wouldn't want my household to be any other way. I want kind of some chaos; some organized chaos is fun."

Bryan says he has learned a lot about raising a teenager.

"When you get handed a 13-year-old, you kind of have to learn what's going on with them."

As for "Kill The Lights," Luke says there are more country moments on it than he has had on his past few albums.


"I have, like, more countrier moments, I would say, than I've had in a while on this album … I'm proud that we can try new sounds, but at the end of the day, it's still this guy, you know, the way that I talk, and there's no way it's really not gonna be interpreted as country."

Some are comparing his title track to Justin Timberlake, something of which Luke approves.

"I take it as a big compliment, and when you look at his, um, his body of work—heck, going from *NSYNC ...  to becoming, ya know, Justin Timberlake ... I have a lot of respect for him."