‘Crime Watch Daily’: The New Unscripted Show That’s Taking Down the Bad Guys

Forget neighborhood watch, this is nationwide watch!

The brand new “Crime Watch Daily” is unscripted, in your face, and ready to fight injustice.

The team behind the show includes “Extra” execs Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, Jeremy Spiegel and Scott Eldridge, and is hosted by global crime journalist Matt Doran.

Gregorisch-Dempsey describes it best. “We're actually out there solving crimes. We're ambushing scammers. We're taking down bad guys.

Spiegel added, “Murder mysteries, cold cases, great caught-on-tapes, investigations, jailhouse interviews — we're going to bring you all of that in one hour.”

Doran sees it as “The biggest crime show America has ever seen. It really feels to me like a program with a purpose. We’re out to inform and protect people too.”

Premiering Sept. 14, “Crime Watch Daily” is coming out of the gate with a bang — a shocking investigation into America’s favorite ride-sharing service, Uber!