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Khloé Kardashian Calls Lamar Odom 'Love of My Life’... After Divorce Filing

Khloé Kardashian Calls Lamar Odom 'Love of My Life’... After Divorce Filing
Women's Health
Reality star Khloé Kardashian shows off her amazing body on the cover of Women's Health's September issue, and talks about her ex, basketballer Lamar Odom.

Khloé's fit physique is a result of her routine gym workouts, which was a way to release all the stress caused by her relationship with Odom. “It started around 2012. I was having a hard time with Lamar. It was toward the end of our union, and there was so much drama. I needed a release. At first it was so hard. It was baby steps, but I started feeling so much better."

Of her workouts, she reveals, “The first 45 days you’re like, ‘F--k this Shit.’ You’re exhausted, you’re sore, and I actually felt fatter because I was swollen. If you keep going, you’re eventually like, ‘Wow, is that an indentation on my arm? Yeah, it’s a revenge body. But it’s just as much for all my critics who called me ‘the fat one’ for my entire existence."
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Since Kardashian works hard at the gym, she rewards herself by satisfying her cravings. "I love treating myself. I’m a foodie. If I could control what I eat, I would have the best body ever, but because I have no self-control, and I don’t really care to have it, I have to work harder. I would rather work out harder and eat what I want, in moderation."

She added, “I am in love with food. And being of Armenian descent, we don’t make small dinners. I love to cook and have my wine, but I’m more aware now,”

Speaking of family, she credits hers for giving her strength to deal with the spotlight. "If it wasn’t for my family and us doing it all together, I don’t think this would be a bearable thing. I think because all of us are going through the same thing, so say if we’re overwhelmed with something, we can vent to each other about it and we all understand what we’re going through.”
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The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star's relationship with Lamar Odom was a constant topic in the press. Even though they are getting divorced, she has only wonderful things to say about him. “I love Lamar to death. He is the love of my life. We had a fantastic marriage. Do I wish he had tried harder? Yes. Do I think that he maybe didn’t have the energy to fight because he was fighting so many other things? Yeah.”

Khloé has moved on from Lamar and is rumored to be dating basketball superstar James Harden, who has some of the important traits she is looking for in a boyfriend.

"I like someone that can make you laugh, for sure, but the best part about having a boyfriend is someone you can be your most comfortable with. Obviously you have to be physically attracted in some way. Normally I’m a muscle girl. You have to be athletic, not an athlete. I like athletes, but you have to be athletic because I’m an athletic person."
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For the rest of Khloé's interview, pick up the September issue of Women's Health.