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50 Cent Bankruptcy Papers Reveal $108,000 in Monthly Expenses

50 Cent Bankruptcy Papers Reveal $108,000 in Monthly Expenses
Rapper 50 Cent lived a lavish lifestyle before filing for bankruptcy last month.

Earlier this week, the hip-hop star's lawyer provided financial statements which revealed that 50 spent around $108,000 each month to live.

Of the $108,000, a whopping $72,000 was used for upkeep on his Connecticut mansion, whose previous owners include Mike Tyson, Lithuanian businessman Romas Martsinkiavitchous, and Colonial Realty founder Benjamin Sisti, who all filed for bankruptcy after living there.

Fifty has been trying to sell the mansion since 2007, after buying it for $4.1million from Tyson.

In addition to his living expenses, he spent $3,000 a month on meals and entertainment, $3,000 on wardrobe, $2,000 on travel, $1,000 on personal grooming, and $9,000 on security.

In July, 50 was ordered to pay $5 million to a woman in an invasion of privacy suit, after he posted a private sex tape without her permission. An additional $2 million was later awarded to her in punitive damages. He filed for bankruptcy shortly after the initial verdict.

The star never anticipated that he would be struggling with money issues. He told Oprah Winfrey in 2012, "I never understand how artists get in a great situation and then not have time to count money. Like, I have plenty of time. I’ll sit down and count the money with the accountant." Watch 50 discuss his home with Oprah!