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‘Friday’ Singer Rebecca Black Is Back and All Grown Up!

She was just 13 when her music video “Friday” went viral, now Rebecca Black is all grown up!

rebecca-black[Credit: Splash] 

The 18-year-old hit the red carpet in L.A. for the “Bad Night” premiere, and dished with Entertainment Weekly about becoming an overnight sensation, and what she’s doing now. 

Black admitted that the negativity around her music video “wasn’t really the kind of attention any 13-year-old girl wants. I made the song with no intention of it doing anything, and here it was doing something."


 These days she’s expressing her creativity via YouTube. "What I love and have loved about doing YouTube is that I have complete creative control. That was a thing that I lacked with the people I was working with and had surrounded myself with. I realized that they didn’t care as much about what I wanted to do as much as what they wanted to see me do. I really felt like I could be myself, and people really got to know me for who I am as a person instead of just this girl who sang songs.”