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Bill Cosby Could Still Face Charges as Alleged Victim from 2008 Speaks Out

Bill Cosby Could Still Face Charges as Alleged Victim from 2008 Speaks Out

Many women have accused Bill Cosby of sexual abuse, but none have been within the statute of limitations, until now.

Just days after court documents revealed that Cosby admitted under oath to obtaining Quaaludes to give to young women he wanted to sleep with, another alleged victim is speaking out.

Daily Mail Online reports that Chloe Goins alleges Cosby spiked her drink during a party at the Playboy Mansion in 2008.

She claims she began to feel sick and that the comedian escorted her to a bedroom. After that, Goins says she blacked out.

When she awoke, she was naked on the bed with Cosby on top of her, licking her toes and pleasuring himself. When he realized she was awake, he bolted from the room.

Chloe went to the police in January, and her lawyer says, “We're working now to get the police additional information so that they can continue on and bring charges.”

Goins is happy that the truth is out there, telling the site, “The latest revelations hopefully now will lead to the fullest criminal prosecution of Mr. Cosby for his sexual crimes against myself and all the other victims.” She added, “The only reason I came forward was to make sure justice is done.”

No charges have been filed against Cosby, and while he has admitted to obtaining Quaaludes, he never confessed to giving them to anyone. After the court documents were released earlier this week, his publicist told CNN, "We have no plans to issue a statement."