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Shay Mitchell Reveals How She Wants ‘Pretty Little Liars’ to End

Shay Mitchell Reveals How She Wants ‘Pretty Little Liars’ to End
Jason Kim/Seventeen
“Pretty Little Liars” actress Shay Mitchell sat down with Seventeen magazine and dished on everything from what it means to be an independent girl to how she would want her hit ABC Family show to end.
“In my fantasy world, the girls are all happy, running around in a flower field with no cell phones,” said Shay. “Although I don’t think that’s really going to happen. I’m very curious myself!”
For the August issue, Shay talked about how she prefers the natural approach when it comes to clothes. “I was a hippie child. I find the human body so beautiful, but it's not like I'm running naked down the street! I'm in my own house, and I always have a bathrobe really close to me because if there were an earthquake, I'd have to be able to run out with something."

Seventeen August '15 - Shay Mitchell[Photo Credit:Jason Kim/Seventeen]

Shay went even further with girl power when she gave her opinion on boyfriends. "I have friends who like that drama. I'm not one of those people. If you're a suitable, positive partner, then great. I'd love to add you to my life. But I don't need anybody to feel complete. I don't need to be with somebody just to not be alone."
While Shay is able to stand on her own without a man, she did say that her dream prom date would be “Ryan Gosling.”

“He is so cute and funny,” she told the magazine. “It's important to have a date who can make you laugh, not someone you're going to feel nervous around.”
To read the rest of Seventeen’s August issue and find out more about Shay Mitchell, find the magazine on newsstands July 7, or click here.