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Halle Berry Reveals This ‘Little’ Stylist Wanted to Use Whipped Cream!

Now that Halle Berry is rockin’ longer locks, she dished with “Extra’s” Terri Seymour at a Target store in Los Angeles about having a new stylist… her 7-year-old daughter Nahla, and how she wanted to try out some hair-raising products on mom.

“She has fun, I let her,” said Halle about Nahla. “I think it was two nights ago, the whipped cream came out, and I was like, that’s where I draw the line… she wanted to twirl it up on the top of my head because she thought that would be a good look.”

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The Oscar winner also talked about the special bond she has with her 18-month-old boy, Maceo, with actor hubby Olivier Martinez.
“Little boys love their mommies. I already feel it. Sort of the male, female hormones going back and forth between us. It’s just a different kind of energy,” Halle explained.
Halle and Nahla returned from a trip to Nicaragua with the World Food Program, and proud mama revealed how Nahla sends her lemonade money over overseas to help the less fortunate.
Terri also got a sneak peek at the latest looks from Halle's new Scandale Paris lingerie line, only at Target, which also included a bust booster.

To learn more about Halle’s new Scandale Paris line, visit Scandale.com.