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‘Dance Mom’ Star Abby Lee Miller on Her Weight Loss, and Whether She’ll Return Next Season

‘Dance Mom’ Star Abby Lee Miller on Her Weight Loss, and Whether She’ll Return Next Season
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Abby Lee Miller, the outspoken owner of the Abby Lee Dance Company and star of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” opened up about her shocking slim down to “Extra’s” Renée Bargh at Westfield Century City.
After making headlines for her controversial dance training tactics, Miller did the same after dropping several dress sizes. She told Renée it was not something she set out to do,  saying, “I mean I should have, but I didn’t.”  

Miller revealed she lost so much weight because she was taking care of her mother, who was living in hospice care.

“I think the last six months, we were just trying to get her to eat, and the last two months people just kept bringing stuff, she was in hospice care, and you bring all of her favorites from restaurants, different fast food places, and it would make her sick,” Lee said. “She couldn’t even look at it. She didn’t want to smell, so I didn’t take food in with me to eat 'cause it was making her nauseous.”
She continued, “Her illness and just her not wanting to eat, I wasn’t eating either.”
Miller’s own medical condition contributed to her weight loss as well being diagnosed with the onset of diabetes, and then she had horrible side effect when she filled a prescription in Australia while she was there shooting.
“Something with the medicine... it's the same thing, but it's not coated, and it really upset my stomach,” Lee revealed. “Anytime I ate, an hour later I was sick and running to the garbage can, so then the rest of the day I couldn't even look at food.”
Miller admitted she isn’t working on being fit and healthier because of the diabetes. “I need to go and take a class on it. I need to understand what it really is, and hopefully it’s going to go away with some weight loss.”
She said she’s focused on expanding her business and bringing her Abby Lee Dance Company to a Los Angeles studio. “It’s huge, it’s 10,000 square feet... we have three dance rooms, we have a Hollywood theme.”
Miller teased that she may have some new shows in the works, but not confirming if she will be back for season six of “Dance Moms.”  

“I don’t know, we just wrapped season five, I don’t think anybody wants to even see each other again for a while,” she confessed.
Miller did say she would be interested in returning, but quipped, “I think they need to get the bills paid for this season first.”
“Dance Moms” returns to television tonight, and according to Abby, so does the drama, and she’s insisting it is all real. “The mothers are worse off camera… once the cameras turn off, they’re nuts, they’re absolute nuts.”  
She also revealed that you won’t see her in every episode this season. “Lots of drama, and you’re gonna see me missing. I’m a little MIA once in a while.”
Miller added, “One of the producers kicked me off the set so I just kept on walking… I didn’t come back for ten days I think, I was at the pool.”
Watch the summer premiere of “Dance Moms,” tonight, Tuesday June 9, on Lifetime.