Robert Duvall Jokes It Was ‘Tough’ Working with Wife Luciana on ‘Wild Horses’

Legendary actor Robert Duvall joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios to chat about his new film “Wild Horses” and working with his wife of fourteen years, Luciana, who plays one of the Texas Rangers in the film.
The Academy Award nominee not only stars in the film, he wrote and directed it as well. When Mario asked Duvall how it was working with his wife, he laughed, “It's tough!”

“It’s like playing doubles in tennis, she doesn’t listen to me, but that’s cause she’s from Northern Argentina, she’s got a strong mind of her own, but she’s a natural actress,” said Duvall.

He continued, “She was in my ‘Tango’ movie, got the best notices, never let me forget it, so it was great working with her ”
Duvall described the film as a western, but said it is also about family and drama.  

“It’s about a guy with a lot of faults who puts his son off the ranch for certain reasons when he’s younger, and they come back to read the will, and somebody disappeared,” detailed Duvall. “It’s like a mystery. Texas Rangers are called in to help solve the case.”
Duvall praised all of the actors in the movie. “James Franco, Josh Harnett, Adriana Barraza — she’s great, I call her the Eleanor Duse of Mexico, great actress, so we were fortunate.”
He joked, “Franco gave me five days, I gave him two on his next movie… we swap.”
Duvall and Franco are swapping roles for the upcoming film “Dubious Battle,” which James is directing and Robert plays a role.
“Wild Horses” hits theaters today.