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Dean McDermott on How Tori Spelling Is Doing after Hospitalization

Reality star Dean McDermott stopped by “Extra’s” H&M Studios in Times Square to promote his new book “The Gourmet Dad: One Dish Two Ways.”

Scroll down for more on his cooking style, but first here’s the update on wife Tori Spelling’s recent injuries.

Spelling suffered severe burns on Easter Sunday after she tripped and fell on a hot grill at Benihana in Los Angeles. She later had to undergo skin grafts on her arm.

“She’s recovering, doing pretty good, at home resting, she’s not here in New York with me,” he said.

While Tori was not with Dean, the two are in a much better place after their marital issues stemming from Dean’s infidelity and substance abuse played out on their reality TV series, “True Tori.”

McDermott said things are “awesome” now, “tragedy and going through bad things, sometimes it can really help and it really did, it really made us look at what was going on with our relationship and we took a lot of great stuff away from a horrible, horrible experience and our relationship is solid.”

He added, “What we went through publicly, I learned a lot, I wouldn’t do it again, at the end of the day we’re together, we’re happy and we’re working on our relationship and we have a beautiful family and a beautiful life, it all worked out in the end.”

The 48-year-old is also celebrating his sobriety. “A year, four months and fifteen days, it feels great, I’ve been in and out of 12 step programs before over the years, this time I’m really getting it, really, really getting it and it saved my life, it really did and I’m so grateful for it.”

The host of “Chopped Canada” said his family was the inspiration for his new cookbook, especially being a dad to five little ones who all like different things. “The book was born because I got tired of being a short order cook at meal time because this one only eats chicken nuggets, this one only eats butter noodles, this one only wants grilled cheese… I think we’re doing a disservice to our kids because we’re catering to them and let them eat whatever they want and not letting them cultivate their palate, so I came up with the gourmet dad.”

Tune in to “Extra” tomorrow for Dean’s full interview.