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Kim Kardashian Supports Stepdad Bruce Jenner: ‘I'm Really Proud of Him’

Nearly 17 million people watched Diane Sawyer’s two-hour interview with Bruce Jenner, in which he told the “20/20” host that  stepdaughter Kim Kardashian was the “most accepting” of his transition.
During the emotional sit-down, Jenner revealed, “I’ve always been very confused with my gender identity,” adding, “My brain is much more female than it is male… it’s hard for people to understand that, but that’s what my soul is.”

Kim showed her support for her stepdad after the interview by posting a photo of the two on Instagram with the caption, “Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself. Bruce is love. I love you Bruce. #ProudDaughter.”

Love is the courage to live the truest, best version of yourself. Bruce is love. I love you Bruce. #ProudDaughter

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Now, Kim is speaking out for the first time since Jenner’s interview, revealing to “Today” show host Matt Lauer, "I'm really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it, and that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That's what life is about."

She continued, "I don't know what life would be like if you always felt like you weren't yourself, and I know it's not something that you or I could really fully understand, but I don't even think we have to. I think as long as he is happy and he wants to live his life, however he wants to live it, that just makes me happy, and I support him 100 percent."
Kardashian told Lauer that the family is using therapy to support their stepdad, as well as each other, during his transition. "I love having so many siblings and such a supportive mom, because you know, each family member might be dealing with this in a different way, but we have each other to go through this experience with, and I'm really grateful for that."
The 34-year-old reality star also explained that their stepdad is really good at explaining everything to them, including how to address him, "Until that transition is done, we've learned that you do refer to him as 'him.'"
She went on to say that she believed Jenner was ready, not only for his own transition, but to share his story with the world, "I think he is ready for the challenge... and ready to help other people's lives that might be going through the same things that he's going through."
Kardashian continued. "And that's something that he's really proud of and something that he is really ready to take on, and I'm really proud of him for that.”
Jenner’s other family members have also showed their support, including daughters Kylie and Kendall, and stepson Rob who tweeted, "You have always been a role model to me and now more than ever, I look up to you. LOVE YOU!"
The emotional interview had other celebrities showing their support for Jenner:
Laverne Cox: "Sending lots of love and support to #BruceJenner and their family tonight. It is always brave to stand in one's truth. Congrats darling."
Miley Cyrus: "I LOOOOVE LOOOVE LOOOVE Bruce Jenner!!!!!!!"

Lady Gaga: "#BruceJennerABC Now that is bravery. We have the chance to write this moment in history together. Let's empower people like Bruce all over the world by being loving & not mean"

Ellen DeGenenres: "Bruce Jenner is a beautiful, brave human being. Sending him lots of love. He's saving lives and opening minds tonight.”