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The Best Celebrity April Fools' Jokes Ranked!

It seems all the celebrities wanted in on the April Fools’ action on Wednesday, from Katie Couric’s tumble on “The Late Late Show” to Mario Lopez getting knocked out by Deadpool. Check out our list of the top 5, ranked!

5. Katie Couric played a trick on new “Late Late Show” host James Corden when she pretended to fall down a flight of stairs. It turns out it was actually a stuntwoman. Watch!

4. Tom Brady had New England Patriots fans worried when he posted a Facebook pic of himself in a full body cast. He blamed a pickup basketball game in the Bahamas for the injury, writing, “Jordan’s crossover is no joke.”

tom-brady-april-fools[Credit: Facebook]

3. Sean and Catherine Lowe had “Bachelor” fans celebrating when they posted a baby bump pic on Instagram. They followed up with a second pic that said, “Congratulations! It’s a burger!”

bachelor-baby[Credit: Catherine Lowe / Instagram]

2. Jimmy Kimmel got the wakeup call of a lifetime when Rihanna and friends snuck into his room at 1 AM and started singing and dancing to RiRi’s new song, “B**ch Better Have My Money.” The Grammy winner even covered Jimmy in cash and confetti. Watch!

jimmy-kimmel-rihanna-april-fools[Credit: ABC]

1. Ryan Reynolds and Mario Lopez pulled the ultimate April Fools’ joke on “Deadpool” fans, taking this funny video viral. It was all part of the promotion for Reynolds’ latest superhero flick. Check it out!