Is This the Nastiest 'Real Housewives' Fight of All Time?

There have been some nasty “Real Housewives” throwdowns in the past, but this one might take the gluten-free cake.

RHOBH-2.JPG[Credit: Bravo]

Us Weekly reports that “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reunion special took an ugly turn when Kim Richards “came in guns blazing.”

“The reunion was nuts,” a source told the mag, “It was exhausting for the women and extremely emotional.”

Kim-Richards.JPG[Credit: Bravo] 

The insider said Kim went after everyone, including her sister Kyle Richards and newbie Lisa Rinna.

“Kim and Kyle were screaming at each other from across the couches… it was bad,” the source added that people were in shock.

[Credit: Bravo]

Another insider said, “By the end of the reunion, it seemed like their relationship is actually irreparable. Kim and Kyle have no relationship outside of the show. That’s the only time they talk.”

The first source added that “there is some major bad blood” between Kim and Lisa Rinna following their dinner brawl in Amsterdam, and their rift will come up at the reunion.

Lisa-Rinna.JPG[Credit: Bravo] 

Kim does have one ally. According to the mag, Brandi Glanville and Kim remain a united front.

Kim isn’t the only one with a friend on the show. While Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle had a falling out in Season 4, they are now close.

lisa-vanderpump.JPG[Credit: Bravo] 

Watch part one of Bravo’s three-part “RHOBH” reunion show on Tuesday at 9 PM.