Kyle Richards Responds to ‘RHOBH’ Fight Between Sister Kim and Lisa Rinna

Kyle Richards Responds to ‘RHOBH’ Fight Between Sister Kim and Lisa Rinna
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The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” drama hit an all-time high this week between stars Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna.

As the women vacationed in Amsterdam, Kim claimed she had a secret about Rinna’s husband, Harry Hamlin, which caused Rinna to lose her cool. She threw her glass of wine in Kim’s face and smashed the glass on the table.

Reports now say in the season’s upcoming reunion show, it will be revealed that Kim was lying about having a secret about Hamlin just to get under Lisa’s skin.

“Extra” caught up with Kim’s sister and co-star Kyle Richards on Thursday, and Kyle set the record straight, saying, “[Kim] did not say that she was making anything up.”

Kyle did confirm the altercation between Kim and Lisa came up again during taping of the reunion show, and said the two are still not talking.

The reality star said, "You know, you go into the reunion to clarify some things and sort of maybe explain where you were coming from in different situations, and hopefully by the end of the reunion have some resolution. Unfortunately, this reunion really didn't end up that way."

She continued, "It was really devastating to a lot of us. We were so upset, so emotional. I know that myself, along with quite a few of the other girls, didn’t leave the house for a couple days after. It was so emotionally draining."

Richards also revealed another emotionally charged topic was addressed at the reunion -- the situation with Kim's Pit Bull, who attacked Kyle’s 18-year-old daughter Alexia, sending her to the hospital.

Kyle did not discuss what was said during the taping, but added, "My daughter is better. She did have a surgery, but she's better now. Her hand is better, she's good."

As for Kim, Kyle admitted, "Right now things with my sister are not great, to be honest... It has been a really difficult time between Amsterdam and what happened at Poker Night, what happened with the dog… it’s difficult. It really is. Having your relationship play out and having millions of people watching it, it’s not easy sometimes."

Kyle called Season 5 of “RHOBH” the craziest of all. Will she be back for more? "I change my mind on a daily basis. It will be much more difficult to make a decision this season. It’s been such an emotional season for me.”