Dakota Johnson Wants Her Parents to See 'Fifty Shades'… But There's a Catch!

[Credit: Cosmopolitan Australia]

It turns out Dakota Johnson wouldn’t mind if her parents saw her kinky new movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”… under one condition.

In a new Cosmo Australia cover story, she tells the mag, “At first I didn’t want them to see it, but now I’m wondering maybe it might be OK… as long as they don’t tell me!”

The idea of her parents seeing the film has been bandied about for some time, and was brought up again when Dakota hosted “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend.

During the monologue, Dakota’s mom Melanie Griffith sat next to her dad Don Johnson. At one point, Don shielded his eyes, joking, "We're just afraid you were gonna be naked.”


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