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Will Josh Duhamel and Fergie Have More Kids?

Will Josh Duhamel and Fergie Have More Kids?
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Actor Josh Duhamel makes his return to TV this Sunday, starring in the CBS show “Battle Creek.” Duhamel and co-star Dean Winters stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood and chatted with “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson about his new TV role and whether he and wife Fergie are going to have more kids.

The actor, father to son Axl, 17 months, admitted he and Fergie want more children; they just need to find the time. “I would love to, she would love to, but right now it’s about figuring out when it’s going to happen.”

He continued, “She’s recording and probably going on tour, and the plan is sometime after that, maybe before.” Josh then quipped, “Maybe I can knock her up tonight.”

As for “Battle Creek,” Duhamel plays an FBI agent who comes to a small town and butts heads with the local cops, including Winters’ detective character. “My character comes to town and sets up a satellite office, and I work for the government. I’m an agent for the FBI, so I have all the gadgets.”

Winters added, “It’s the first buddy cop show where the cops aren’t buddies. We can’t stand each other, so with that comes a lot of irreverence and a lot of humor.”

“Battle Creek” airs at 10pm Sunday on CBS.