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Did 'Whitney' Biopic Send Bobbi Kristina Over the Edge?

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s medical crisis has left some wondering if Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic sent her over the edge.

Did 'Whitney' Biopic Send Bobbi Kristina Over the Edge?

The TV movie, directed by Angela Bassett and starring Yaya DaCosta, followed Whitney’s rise to fame and turbulent relationship with Bobby Brown. It aired two weeks ago.

Debbie Antney, a friend of the Brown family, told “Extra’s” AJ Calloway she couldn’t bring herself to watch the biopic. When AJ asked if she thought the movie affected Bobbi Kristina, Antney replied, “Would you not think that would affect you?”

She went on to say, “That baby has not stood a chance since she was conceived, just about. She was talked about, ridiculed. All the people that had all those things to say about her… that’s a baby, a 21-year-old baby. To have to constantly listen to things, and to still have to deal with the death of her mom, and every five minutes they are posting something about her mother… and never anything good.”

Antney added, “everyone has a breaking point,” while urging everyone to please “leave the negative behind,” and start putting positive thoughts into the universe. Watch the interview below.

As far as the movie is concerned, Rosie Perez thought it did impact Bobbi Kristina. Perez told “The View” audience, "It must have hurt her deeply to watch that. We forget these people are human beings. We put them into the tabloids, and we forget they're human beings."

When “Extra” caught up with Bassett a few weeks ago to talk about the project, she explained, “We reached out to the family early on. I think that they knew I would try my best to be in her corner and behind this and that. They could trust me even if they want to do their own thing… they wouldn’t speak against this thing.”