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Sofia Vergara Is Open to Remarrying: ‘It Would Be Fun to Do It Again!’

"Extra's" Mario Lopez sat down with actress Sofia Vergara to talk about her new Kay Jewelers line, and the actress revealed that she is open to getting married again!

Sofia Vergara Is Open to Remarrying: ‘It Would Be Fun to Do It Again!’
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On her Kay Jewelers line, So Sofia, the “Modern Family” star shared it was "something I wanted to do for a long time. I've been obsessed with jewelry since I'm a young girl…" 

As for whether her line contains engagement rings, Sofia said, "There's not engagement rings yet... you don't know, the possibilities are endless with jewelry."

Speaking of engagement rings and speculation that things are getting serious with boyfriend Joe Manganiello, Lopez asked, "Would you be open to getting married again, or we don't know?” She smiled, "Yeah, of course. I mean, I believe in love. I believe in being happy. I got married 24 years ago, so it would be a lot of fun to do it again."

On Manganiello’s torn tendon injury while filming "Magic Mike XXL," Sofia explained, "We thought it was just fun and games, but when we went to the set, I was like 'Oh, my god!’ I realized it takes a lot of effort and working out… he was doing pirouettes and things and that's when the accident happened."

Vergara also talked about how she feels about the younger "Modern Family" co-stars growing older, especially Rico Rodriguez, who plays Gloria’s son Manny. Sofia said, "It's not funny. It's depressing for me… we all look older, and Ed [O'Neill] has less hair. I don't look the same. I wish."

As for working with Reese Witherspoon in her upcoming film "Don't Mess with Texas," Vergara gushed, "I fell in love with her. I was scared at the beginning because I didn't really know her, but we got along great. She's a great actress and deserves [an Oscar] again."

Finally, Vergara spoke about her St. Jude Thanks and Giving campaign. "It's important because I'm a mother and also I had cancer. It changed the way I saw that sickness… you realize how you're nothing. One day you have health and then if you don't, even if you have money, fame, if you don't have the health to go with it, it's nothing."