'Vampire Diaries': Who Might Be Hooking Up and Who Is Stuck in the Friend Zone traveled to Atlanta to talk with “Vampire Diaries” executive producer Julie Plec and the cast about who might be hooking up and who is staying in the friend zone this season. 

'Vampire Diaries': Who Might Be Hooking Up and Who Is Stuck in the Friend Zone

Here is the scoop on Damon and Elena, Stefan and Caroline… and Kai and Bonnie?!

Damon and Elena: It’s not looking good for “TVD’s” favorite couple. Sure they had the flashback Delena rain kiss last episode, but it seems Damon is starting to back off.

Ian Somerhalder told reporters, “Imagine you are away for four months and you come back and the one woman you want to be with doesn’t even f**king remember, not even that she doesn’t remember you, but she only remembers the bad s**t. Like you forgot to put the toilet seat down or you slept with her sister… like all the bad things that you may have done.”

He continued, “So that’s got to be difficult to recover from. How do you do that? So I think in his heart of hearts he thinks ‘You were happy without me,’ and I think that it was an incredibly selfless thing for Damon to do, very rare and so I think he is pretty proud of that. I think ultimately this guy is hurting big time, but by the way karma, hello!“

There have been rumors that Damon and Elena will get back to smooching by the Christmas episode. When asked about the mistletoe kiss, Julie Plec teased, “There is mistletoe in the mid-season finale, and fans are free to wish for anything that they want… and also prepare for crushing disappointment the way we always like to serve it to them. Maybe it will go one way or another!”


Stefan and Caroline: She shared her true feelings with him, but they weren’t reciprocated. From what Candice Accola had to say, it doesn’t look like they will be getting together anytime soon.

“Obviously, there has been a lot of tension between Caroline and Stefan… I would say that Caroline is very much still embarrassed… she’s realized her feelings, [and was] doing an okay job at putting them away and now that they have been brought out into the light and they aren’t her secret feelings anymore her way to handle it is to say, “I hate you, because if I don’t hate you then I have to hate myself.” That’s what she says and she means and that will be a theme that is carried out over the next couple of episodes.”

Plec added that there is a lot in store for her character in upcoming episodes, In the midst of everything she has been going through with her crumbling relationship with Stefan and trying to get past that feeling of falling for someone who doesn’t seem to feel the same feelings as you and trying to find her strength on the other side of that, she’s going to get hit with a couple curve balls, before the midseason finale is over. And that will tell us a lot about where she and her character are going to go once we get back from the holidays.”


Kai and Bonnie: These two are spending a lot of time together on the other side? Does that mean a romance is brewing?

After joking about how Elena is the one who prefers psychopaths, Chris Wood revealed that even if Kai made it out of his own personal hell he would still prefer Bonnie to all the other babes in Mystic Falls.

“There is a weird sexual tension between Kai and Bonnie that didn’t really get explored too much in the first few episodes,” he said. “And having been around no one and then there is this beautiful girl with him that he doesn’t care about at all, but he can still appreciate her, so I think somewhere in him he might fancy her.”

Julie agreed, hinting that there is a small possibility they could get together, “I think that frankly Bonnie would hold his eye the most. They really did have to go back and forth a lot and I could see him suddenly realizing as much as I hate you, you are kind of pretty. I don’t know that she would have anything to do with him, but we never thought Elena would have anything to do with Damon so I guess everything can change.”

Bonus: Fans may have wondered about the possibility of a Damon and Bonnie romance… and they weren’t the only ones!

Somerhalder confessed, “I 150,000 percent thought there was going to be a Damon and Bonnie relationship just by virtue of the fact that all the elements sort of strung together. If you look at them pieced together over time there is an extraordinarily thin line between love and hate. Due to the fact that these two hated each other and had so many connections in so many facets of their lives it only seemed appropriate that they would be given a chance due to the dynamics of their relationship to have a bit of a run… Maybe by season 15, maybe they make out who knows.”

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