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‘True Blood’: Burning Questions for the Final Season Premiere

Sookie, Bill, Eric and the rest of the “True Blood” gang are back for their final crazy adventure in Bon Temps as Season 7 of the hit HBO premieres on Sunday… exactly how will it all end?

In the Season 6 finale, Pam, Tara, Eric, Jessica and the other vampires escaped the tortuous vamp compound and were empowered by half vampire/half faerie Warlow’s blood, which let them walk in the sunlight, however, other vampires were not so lucky and were been infected with Hep-V from drinking tainted Tru-Blood.

Meanwhile, Warlow imprisoned a dying Sookie in Cemefaerie. Bill, who lost Lilith powers, rescued her, taking her home. Warlow was hot pursuit, and in a showdown at the Stackhouse home, Jason eventually killed Warlow. The half faerie’s death meant the vampires no longer had his blood’s restorative powers. Somewhere on a Swedish mountaintop, a naked Eric burst into flames from the sunlight. 

Jumping ahead six months, Sookie was now with Alcide and seemed happy; Bill wrote a book and said Tru-Blood will never be made again; and Sam became the Mayor of Bon Temps. He urged humans to partner with healthy vampires so the vamps could have a steady source of untainted blood, and in return protect the humans.

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Why? Because there are now angry, Hep-V infected vampires running amok.

Here are some burning questions for Season 7:

-- Will Sookie finally find peace with werewolf Alcide, or will Bill creep back into her life as he tries to make amends for all the bad stuff he did?

-- Was Eric able to get underground in time before he became vampire dust in the mountain wind? Did Pam get to him in time?

-- Sam is mayor, but he also about to have a baby with Nicole. Is that what he wants?

-- Are Tara and her mother finally going to reconcile in some kind of weird blood truce?

-- Is Jason still the blood sex slave of possessive vampire Violet? Or will he eventually break up with Violet and try to reunited with Jessica, who seems content with James?

-- Will the widowed Arlene -- who now owns Merlotte’s and changed its name to Bellfleur’s -- get over Terry’s death and find love again? The same question goes for Lafayette…

-- Most importantly, how are the denizens of Bon Temps going to fight off the rabid Hep-V vampires? Who is going survive and who will die?

After all we’ve been through with our favorite “True Blood” characters, we’re looking forward to a satisfying series finale.